18 Hole Rules



Teams shall consist of 4 Players – two between 16 – 20 Handicap and two between 21 – 28 Handicap. The competition shall be played as a Medal Round and the best 3 cards out of 4 shall count to decide the winner.

A Club playing less than 4 Members or having an incorrect division of Players shall not be eligible  to win the Trophy, but the team member may compete for individual prizes.

The Executive Committee shall decide entry Fees and sweep money each year.

In the event of a tie the score of the best 3 cards will decide the result on: –

  • The last 9 holes.
  • The last 6 holes.
  • The last 3 holes.
  • Then hole by hole.

Prizes will be awarded to: –

  • Each Player in the winning team and each Player of the runners-up
  • The best nett score returned by the 16 – 20 Handicap player.
  • The best nett score returned by the 21 – 28 Handicap player.

The Rules of Golf and Local Rules of the club on whose course the competition takes place shall apply.

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