9 Hole Rules


In the case of the 9 Hole Course Team Championship, Teams shall consist of 4 Players – two between 16 – 20 Handicap and two between 21 – 28 Handicap.

For 2018 and 2019 the competition shall be played as Stableford Rounds and the best three cards shall count to decide the winners.

The format will be a Stableford with the best three cards to count, play being in any handicap order.    Please note that should fewer than four players play, the three remaining cards will  count, but should three players from the same handicap category play, the team will be disqualified, but those who play are eligible for the individual prizes.

In the event of a tie the points score of the best 3 cards will decide the result on: –
(a)       The last 9 holes.
(b)       The last 6 holes.
(c)        The last 3 holes
(d)       then hole by hole.

Prizes will be awarded to: –
(a)       Each Player in the winning team and each Player in the runners up team.
(b)       The best nett score returned by a 16 – 20 Handicap player.
(c)        The best nett score returned by a 21 – 28 Handicap player.

The Rules of Golf and local rules of the Club on whose course the competition takes place shall apply.

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