I don’t have a handicap certificate, can I play? The rules state that a handicap certificate should be presented at the start of each league match, therefore if you haven’t received a handicap yet you will be unable to play. If you have simply forgot to bring your certificate however electronic versions are acceptable.  Enforcing this rule is at the discretion of the home captain.
Can a player, play in a lower category? A player may play in a lower handicap category (e.g a 22 handicap player may play in the 18-20 category)
Can a player play in a higher category? No shots are given in the league matches; because of this, NO PLAYER can play in a higher category than his playing handicap entitles him to.
What are the handicap categories? For the Bradford league games the categories are as follows;
Low category, handicaps 16-17,
Middle category, handicaps 18-20
High category, handicaps 21-28.
NB Yorkshire categories differ slightly!
How are league positions determined in the event of a tie in the number of points won during the season? In the event of a tie in the number of points the following calculations are used until a difference can be found between the teams.
1) Games won
2) The result of the score in all games won (e.g a player winning 5&4 would count as five points) minus the score in all games lost (e.g a player losing 2 down would be 2 points). The result of the examples would be a ‘holes difference’ result of +3. The scores of ALL matches played during the season are taken into consideration for this calculation, not just the matches involving two teams.
3) How the two teams did against each other during the league season
4) The same calculation as above based on the results of the teams involved only.
5) Unknown! The decision process has never come this far….. The only thing that could be done at this point would be some form of play-off.
I forgot to ring the results in on Thursday evening Under the new league rule introduced for the 2013 season not reporting the result will result in the deduction of three points from the home side.
N.B. The result should be reported as soon as possible, preferably by email, so that the results can be correctly calculated.
What happens if no player turns up? It would be good manners to let the opposing captain know beforehand.  In the case of a no show without warning the game is lost 10&8.  If the captain is informed beforehand then the game is still a walkover but this would go down as 1UP.  (these can be significant in the event of a tie, see ‘How are league positions determined…’, above)
Team/9 Hole/18 Hole Championships
I don’t have a handicap certificate, can I play? The committee need to see a handicap certificate on the day of play. You will be allowed to play providing a certificate is produced before the end of the day.
How can I get onto the Bradford
Each year, a form is sent to your clubs rabbits secretary. You are allowed to put forward ONE member of your club for election at the A.G.M. The executive committee comprises eight members, if eight or less people come forward, no formal vote is taken.

Bradford & District Rabbits Golf Association