Team Championship


08.00 Shipley Northcliffe Bingley St Ives
08.10 Northcliffe Bingley St Ives Shipley
08.20 Keighley West Bradford Bradford Moor
08.30 Bradford Moor Keighley West Bradford
08.40 Baildon Bradford Hollins Hall
08.50 Bradford Hollins Hall Baildon
09.00 South Bradford Headley Woodhall Hills
09.10 Headley Woodhall Hills South Bradford
09.20 Rawdon Calverley Skipton
09.30 Skipton Calverley Rawdon
09.40 Cleckheaton Ben Rhydding Fulneck
09.50 Ben Rhydding Fulneck Cleckheaton
10.00 Bracken Ghyll Clayton Branshaw
10.10 Clayton Branshaw Bracken Ghyll
10.20 The Manor East Bierley Halifax
10.30 Halifax The Manor East Bierley
10.40 Shipley Bradford Moor Bingley St Ives
10.50 Bradford Moor Bingley St Ives Shipley
11.00 Bradford Northcliffe Keighley
11.10 Northcliffe Keighley Bradford
11.20 Baildon West Bradford Hollins Hall
11.30 Hollins Hall Baildon West Bradford
11.40 Calverley Headley Woodhall Hills
11.50 Headley Woodhall Hills Calverley
12.00 Branshaw South Bradford Rawdon
12.10 South Bradford Branshaw Rawdon
12.20 Cleckheaton Ben Rhydding Skipton
12.30 Ben Rhydding Skipton Cleckheaton
12.40 The Manor Fulneck Bracken Ghyll
12.50 Fulneck Bracken Ghyll The Manor
13.00 Halifax Clayton East Bierley
13.10 Clayton East Bierley Halifax

Bradford & District Rabbits Golf Association